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Your strategic partner: We can support you in every stage of your journey to help you achieve your lifestyle and financial objectives.

Exceeding your expectations: Our goal is to provide expertise and knowledge in financial consultancy space while building ethical cultural values that provides support to our clients on an ongoing basis.

Comprehensive approach: We aim to provide a holistic solution to your financial needs. We are a team of accountants and mortgage brokers providing comprehensive advise to your financial goals.

Our success story

Our success story is woven with trust, dedication, and the countless moments we've excelled for our clients.

Years of success
Satisfied clients
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Why choose ZedPlus?

Discover the ZedPlus advantage:

  • Expert tax professionals: Our experienced team ensures accurate and compliant income tax return filing, keeping you in good standing with Australian tax authorities.
  • Personalized approach: We understand your unique financial situation and provide tailored services to maximize deductions, ensuring you receive the best possible tax benefits.
  • Efficient and timely: Our streamlined processes make income tax filing hassle-free, ensuring timely submission and avoiding penalties for late filing.
  • Up-to-date compliance: We stay updated with the latest tax regulations, ensuring accurate and fully compliant returns.
  • Maximise your refund: With extensive knowledge of deductions, credits, and incentives, we identify opportunities to minimize tax liability and maximise your potential refund.

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What you can expect from ZedPlus

Partnering with ZedPlus offers several compelling advantages

loan flexibility

Loan flexibility

We provide a diverse range of loan options customised to suit your specific need, whether it's for a home purchase, business loans, or personal loans.

Efficient Approval

Efficient approval

Our streamlined loan approval process ensures swift access to the funds you need, reducing waiting times and eliminating paperwork hassles.

Financial Insight

Financial insight

Our accounting experts deliver comprehensive financial reports, granting you valuable insights into your financial well-being and empowering you to make informed decisions.

Strategic Tax Planning

Strategic tax planning

We excel at developing strategic tax plans that go beyond mere compliance, minimising your tax liability and maximizing your savings.

Expense Control

Expense control

Our expertise in expense management allows us to identify opportunities for cost savings, enhancing your financial stability and overall profitability.

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Tax myth debunked


Tax myth debunked


Tax myth debunked


Happy clients

We are proud to offer superior customer services. We get glowing reviews from our clients. Let's check some of the testimonials!

Sophie Lawrence
Highly recommended

Working with ZedPlus for my online tax lodgement was a breeze! The platform was user-friendly, and the team was always there to answer my questions. I've never felt more confident about my tax return. Highly recommended!

James Patterson
Best tax services

I've always been apprehensive about online tax agent services, but ZedPlus changed my perspective. Their tax return service is efficient, affordable, and incredibly straightforward. Saved me time and stress!

Ethan Gore
Zedplus 5 star

As a freelancer, my tax situation can get a bit complicated. Thankfully, ZedPlus's team of accountants made it easy to for tax return lodgements. Their team's expertise and prompt responses were invaluable. Cheers to hassle-free tax returns!

Mia Kong
Game changer

I've been using ZedPlus's online tax agent services for the past three years, and it's been a game-changer. The platform is intuitive, and the guidance provided ensures I maximize my returns every time. Can't thank them enough!

Oliver T
Very efficient

Kudos to ZedPlus for making tax time something I no longer dread. Their online service is top-notch, with clear instructions and timely support. It's evident they prioritize their clients' needs. Will be back next year!

We're here to assist you

Our experts will assist you in finding, selecting, and paying off your home loan online. At your convenience, speak with one of our home loan advisors.

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers. Dive into our FAQs to get clear, simple explanations on everything you're curious about.

Our mission revolves around delivering effective and efficient accounting and financial services. We are committed to assisting clients in achieving their financial and lifestyle goals, ensuring tailored advice and solutions.

We offer a wide range of services, including accounting and loan assistance. Our team ensures clients receive expert advice, tailored solutions, and a personalised approach in both these domains.

We have a team of expert tax professionals who offer a personalised approach, ensuring timely submissions and staying updated with the latest tax regulations. Our primary goal is to maximize potential refunds while ensuring compliance with all tax laws.

We offer a vast panel of lenders, ensuring clients get the most competitive deals. Acting as a trusted intermediary between clients and banks, we determine borrowing capacities and maintain regular communication throughout the loan process.

We offer a diverse range of loans, catering to various needs. This includes home loans for new purchases or renovations, investment loans for property investments, business or commercial loans, construction loans, and debt consolidation services.

If you're keen on exploring our loan or accounting services, you can use the booking form on our website. Once booked, our representative will contact you to discuss your requirements and provide expert advice.

Our approach to client relationships is rooted in partnership. We view clients as invaluable assets and prioritize their needs, offering unbiased advice, complete transparency in fees, and comprehensive financial solutions.

Absolutely! We offer specialised debt consolidation services. If you have several loans, we can help you consolidate them into a single loan, potentially reducing finance costs and simplifying financial management.

Our partners

Our team has expertise to provide outstanding services. Thanks to our associates to continually provide required systems and support.




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